Transforming the meat industry through technology

Solutions for the Meat Industry

Meat Solutions, Inc. is a technology-based corporation that provides sales and research data, industry-recognized information and tools, and technology solutions for the meat industry. Meat Solutions, Inc.’s products and services are the tools for success.

  • Our Focus – to provide products and services to the meat industry that will enhance business operations and consumer satisfaction, while improving productivity and consistency
  • Our Goal – to streamline business processes and reduce operations costs


VMMEAT® System

•  Data classification
•  Up-to-date industry standards
•  Useful management techniques & tools

RISA - Retail Interchange Standards Application

•  Meat office data management
•  Planning and maintenance
•  Cutting test management
•  Expert industry implementation support


Data Delivery

•  Filtered data
•  Logical groupings
•  Practical applications
•  Competitive positioning

Standards Integration

•  Uniform meat cuts
•  Food safety and traceability
•  Global barcode guidelines

Tailored Technology

•  Market cost
•  Feature reporting
•  Cut test management