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After years of managing retail meat operations our founder, Dave Shepard, established Meat Solutions, LLC. In 1995. At the time, the information that retail meat executives needed to make decisions, was limited to what was available in systems created for grocery products. With the advent of personal computers, retail meat operations could use technology to provide better information for random-weight meat products.

The vision for Meat Solutions was to create systems to ensure accurate decision-making could be made for random-weight meat products. Meat organizations invested in the vison, and Value-Based Meat Management (VBMM) system applications were created for random-weight meat products, resulting in lasting meat industry benefits.

Standards have always played a major role at Meat Solutions. In 1997, working with meat organizations, the random-weight U.P.C. system was updated to provide a complete system for retailer adoption. While working in retail, our founder worked with industry associations on the Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards (URMIS) system.

Begin with the End in Mind

For more than twenty-five years, Meat Solutions, Inc. has had one simple truth that guided the company’s journey - begin with the end in mind!

In the meat industry, the end is always the consumer, regardless of the business model. At Meat Solutions, Inc. we believe that standards have a huge influence on the consumer. Standards drive tracking and tracing of meat products that ensures safe, wholesome, quality products for consumers. Standards improve productivity, provide product identification and inventory control, that reduce supply chain cost. Standards improve the entire supply chain's ability to make accurate management, marketing, and buying decisions that ensures variety and competitive prices for the consumer.

Our Team

We have more than a century of combined experience in the retail meat and information technology (IT) industries, developing and implementing meat standards.

  • Dave Shepard
  • Dave Shepard

    Standardization, Planning, and Implementation

    As owner and founder of Meat Solutions, Inc., Dave’s background knowledge of the retail meat industry reflects more than three decades of service leading market innovation on behalf of the nation’s number one grocery chain. Dave created Meat Solutions, Inc., in 1995 as a response to agency and industry requests for his unique expertise. Today, Dave’s insights into the meat business, its standards, and its consumers drives the company’s mission to provide unrivaled technology solutions to meet ever evolving needs.

  • Bing Drake
  • Evalyn Rose “Bing” Drake

    Copywriter/Office Manager

    Bing started with Meat Solutions, Inc. in 2019, adding her strength in Marketing, Writing, Advertising and General Office Management. She has been a Training Officer, a Radio DJ/News Writer, a Marketing and Communications Specialist and a small business co-owner. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from St. Paul University, Quezon City, Philippines. Bing is currently working on interactive media campaigns to share about the products and offerings of Meat Solutions, Inc.

  • Ryan Kroll
  • Ryan Kroll

    Software Developer and IT/Systems Specialist

    Ryan joined Meat Solutions, Inc., in 2002, adding his strengths in software development, database management, and application design to the business. Holding two degrees from George Fox University, one in Computer Science and the other in Information Science, Ryan has proven himself to be a significant innovator and contributor to Meat Solutions’ success.

  • Wally Shepard
  • Wally Shepard

    Meat Technician and Classification Specialist

    Wally joined Meat Solutions, Inc., in 2005, bringing more than thirty years of experience in the meat industry to the team. A graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute of Lubbock, Texas, Wally acquired his extensive trade knowledge serving as Meat Cutter for retailers like Piggly Wiggly, Safeway, Furrs, and Sam’s Club, as well as from fourteen years in the custom meat processing business.

  • Jason Hardgrave
  • Jason Hardgrave

    Programmer and Web Designer

    Jason started working for Meat Solutions, Inc., in 2012, and has applied his skills with technology to help the company develop and maintain responsive industry websites. Jason’s eleven-year career in both print design and web development continues to support the company’s active outreach to its clientele.