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About Us

The thought leadership of Meat Solutions, Inc., relies upon more than a century of experience in the retail meat industry for its insights and innovations. Over that period of time, a very simple truth has guided the company’s journey.

If a grocery chain is to realize profitability from perishable, random weight meat department sales, greater care and expertise are required of a store’s operational practices regarding these products than is required for nonperishable, assembled food and “dry good” offerings. In the age of digital scanning and predictive analytics, Meat Solutions, Inc., has written the book on accuracy and standardization when it comes to establishing true business intelligence in the retail meat marketplace.

Value of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Poultry, & Fish


In 1995, Meat Solutions, Inc., was established with a vision to use innovative information technology to create systems that ensure accurate decision-making. In fact, by solving the challenges created when processing and tracking uniquely portioned, random weight meat products, Meat Solutions, Inc., stands alone as the proven industry expert aiding regulatory agencies, market associations, and retail grocers when it comes to data processing of meat department products, costs, and profits. (See a list of some of our Affiliates.)

More than a decade of consulting practices serving these industry leaders has been distilled into today’s current Meat Solutions, Inc., products and services.

Over the last several years, an increasing loss of sales from brick-and-mortar grocers to online retailers, mostly for nonperishable products, has many in the retail grocery market very concerned about future trends. More than ever, grocers are relying on fresh categories to build shopper loyalty through an experience shoppers cannot get via online or mobile shopping, no matter how advanced the technology.

If your grocery chain is struggling to effectively manage meat department profitability, give us a call. We need to talk.


Meat Solutions, Inc., has been privileged to serve in a unique role for its clients in the retail meat industry. More than twenty-five years of dedicated hard work have seen our business grow to become the leading provider of rapidly evolving and increasingly more effective retail meat processing standards and information systems.

What we value defines our commitment to you: superior standards’ consistency, accuracy, reliability, leadership, and affordability.

  • Accurate Data Processing
Accuracy is extremely important if market health and profitability are to be achieved. We work hard to provide our clients with the most accurate practices and systems available. No shortcuts!
  • Reliability
Our goal is to always deliver on our promises, on time. We believe it is better to build win-win relationships from day one, if we are to enter the winners’ circle together.
  • Leadership
Leaders invest in success to gain the expertise needed to serve the best interests of their clients. Simply put, we believe our success depends on our clients' success. Period.
  • Affordability
Proven standards are adopted because of their cost-effectiveness in delivering results. Cutting corners when managing meat department standards leads to waste and loss. The benefits we pass on by utilizing standards-based technology, are realized by our clients as competitive advantage and bottom-line affordability.

Our team's commitment to you is best captured in a quote from Polish Solidarity Leader and 1983 Nobel Peace Prize Winner,
Lech Walesa: 
"Words are plentiful; deeds are precious."