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Retailer Standardization


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Is Your Meat Department Hurting or
Helping Your Retail Grocery Business?

  • For most retailers, the Meat Department is key to driving sales revenue and presenting a positive retailer image.
  • Maintaining variety, freshness, workmanship, and labeling requires stringent standards.
  • Tracking sales, inventories, shrink, labor, and item-level profitability requires accurate data.
  • However, achieving standardization with accurate data requires:
    • The ability to identify all random weight items and assign each a unique UPC number, including all meat cuts, in-store processed items, case-ready items, value-added products, brands, and package sizes
    • Accurate labeling using up-to-date, approved product names, which are in compliance with regulations and industry standards


Who is Meat Solutions, Inc.?

For more than a decade, we have been helping industry and government standards organizations prepare for the reality of today's global meat marketplace. Our company has created the industry-leading, meat data solution for resolving your most complex retail meat challenges. Developed, tested, and proven in serving the operational needs of 40 leading North American retailers (including Albertsons, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, and A&P), our Retailer Standardization Service and its software-as-a-service counterpart, the Retailer Interchange Standards Application (RISA) have no equals in this market.

We work with the following national organizations and government agencies to ensure our products and services provide up-to-date Meat Department item descriptions in compliance with these associated regulations and industry standards:

US Organization & Agency

Regulation & Standard

•  GS1

•  USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

•  National Cattlemen's Beef Association

•  National Pork Board

•  American Lamb Board

•  Bar Code Standards

•  Label Regulations

•  Beef and Veal - Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards

•  Pork - Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards

•  Lamb - Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards


At Meat Solutions, Inc., we maintain the entire range of UPC code assignments for random weight meat and poultry. We have earned this trust—to serve the vision of these government and industry agencies, and to prove our unique worthiness—by helping retail grocers—large and small—comply with, and gain efficiencies while achieving these standards.

Grocers look to us for the tools, the expertise, and a long history of success simplifying and streamlining the means to grow their sales volumes and ensure their profitability.


Customized Standardization Conversion File

Additional data can be identified and added to your Standardization Conversion File upon request:
  • UPCs for: Case item identification
    1. Markdowns (distress items)
    2. Random weight items, sold as each
    3. Marketing identification UPCs
    4. New items not included in the current Meat Department list
  • Package type identification
  • Unique tray size identification for variable weight consumer items (This will require an agreed upon standard tray size for each item.)
  • Price look-up and/or scale look-up assignment:Itemized additions
    1. Two- and three-digit memorable PLUs/SLUs for the highest volume items
    2. Unique case-ready item numbers
    3. If needed, separate PLUs/SLUs for service case items
  • Itemized solutions
  • Brand characteristics

Put Your Meat Department
at the Top
of Every Shopper's List

Our standardization service is confidential, efficient, and retailer friendly.

Given a current list of your Meat Department's random-weight items and access to one of your business's Meat Expertise Associates for a few hours, your retail meat offerings will gain these upgrades:

  • Profitability-ensured product tracking precision
  • Scanned sales data accuracy and accountability
  • Standards-compliant labeling
  • New-found simplicity
  • Stronger store & chain impacting bottom-line boost

We manage the entire process from start to finish. When the process is complete, we provide a Standardization Conversion File (in MS Excel or similarly compatible format) to include the following:

  • All of your Meat Departments' variable weight consumer items converted to industry and regulatory standards
  • A complete Point-of-Sale (POS) items list identifying unique consumer UPCs, POS item descriptions, and customer receipt descriptions*
  • A scale-items list showing sub-department, UPC item IDs, unique consumer UPCs, class, and three, 26-character description lines
  • A list of all items cross-referenced to the original retailer's information, including Class, Brand, Category, Sub-Category, unique UPC Item ID, Master Description, Package Size, Refrigeration State, and Cooked State
  • A UPC Index revealing Ranges by Class, Brand and Product Type, POS Item Description Attribute Series, and Receipt Description Attribute Series

* The character length of the POS and customer receipt descriptions can be customized to your systems' requirements.


Nothing is Easier — Contact Us Today

Upgrading your Meat Department through the enhancements delivered by our Retailer Standardization Service will provide immediate positive financial results.

Retailer Standardization Service pricing is straightforward and is based on three factors:

  1. Number of items
  2. Clarity of information
  3. Additional data fields requested

When serving retailers with more than a single entity (banners or divisions), it may be necessary to deliver a separate Standardization Conversion process and file to accommodate each entity, for an additional development fee.

Retailer Standardization Service

Typical tasks & usual timeline:

  • Schedule a one-hour consultation call with Meat Solutions, Inc., and your IT System and Meat Expertise Associate to clarify the information, and determine all of the data needs.
  • Classify the items.
  • Provide an updated working file.
  • Schedule four, one-hour calls with your Meat Expertise Associate to work through any questions and issues.
  • Provide you with a final Standardized Conversion File that has unique UPCs and item descriptions developed in compliance with regulations and industry standards.

As a rule of thumb, a typical retailer maintains 500 to 750 Meat Department items. The initial cost to upgrade using the Retailer Standardization Service can typically range from $2,950 to $4,950 per entity. A free, written price quote is provided prior to finalizing your Retailer Standardization Service contract.

Let's get started...

Collect this information and give us a call. A copy of your POS descriptions and UPCs, or your scale descriptions and PLUs, saved to an Excel file. If an Excel file is not available, then copies of your scale item list or wholesaler/supplier list, scanned to a PDF file, will suffice. A confidentiality agreement can be included in your contract if requested.

The amount of time needed to complete a usual system upgrade using the Retailer Standardization Service is approximately four weeks per retailer entity. Availability of the retailer's Meat Expertise Associate for scheduled calls helps to ensure the completion of the process using this timing estimation.

Contact us at 970-622-8164 X100 or email with your IT System's and Meat Expertise Associate's contact information.