Transforming the meat industry through technology



Simplifying Meat Office Tasks

The Retailer Interchange Standards Application (RISA) is a web-based application for managing all meat office maintenance functions that are needed to effectively manage data for meat departments. RISA is specifically designed to handle random- and fixed-weight meat and poultry products.

RISA Advantage
•  Saves money and time
•  Provides 24-hour access
•  Includes all of the tools needed to manage meat office data—in one convenient place
•  Delivers expert industry implementation support
•  Specifically designed for meat and poultry products


What can RISA do for you?

Save Time
RISA combines data, technologies, tools, and techniques to provide easy steps to accomplish complex meat office tasks. With increased accuracy, RISA streamlines tasks, significantly reducing the time, complexity and effort required.

Save Money
RISA offers a cost-effective turnkey meat data management system. The cost of RISA is spread over many clients, saving you money; and, instead of retrofitting your grocery system to accommodate meat department products, RISA is tailored for meat and poultry products.

Improved, Accurate Data
RISA improves product identification and tracking capabilities and reduces consumer and employee confusion in your meat departments. Built-in RISA tools provide up-to-date industry standards, regulations and barcode technology. Accurate data will improve the “bottom line” and have a positive effect on your entire meat operation. Utilize the RISA data conversion system to:

•  Implement the URMIS Common Names system
•  Apply scale descriptions that comply with labeling regulations
•  Identify and track items, brands and attributes
•  Organize and maintain UPCs and PLUs
•  Communicate with your company's enterprise system
•  Ready your meat data system for traceability
•  Convert to new barcode standards



Improve your sales and profits with these new generation applications. Utilize convenient reporting features to communicate with your stores and backstage departments.

Ad Planning
•  Develop accurate, projected ad plans
•  Create precise budgets by store, zone and chain
•  Track advertising types and ad codes
•  Archive historical ads

Labor Planning
•  Evaluate labor costs based on different ad plans
•  Tackle unrealistic labor expectations with accurate hours and projections
Produce weekly store plans for variable and fixed hours

Price Modeling
•  Model and simulate changes in pricing strategies
Group and manage retail prices and costs by volume
Increase gross profit by basing changes on consumer preferences

Cutting Test Management

Make informed decisions by knowing true costs and margins at the cut level for your sub-primals.

•  Model profitability burdened with labor, shrink and supplies
•  Summarize and update cutting test yields
Evaluate the costs for case-ready cuts compared to processing sub-primals in-store


Quickly and easily import or export data for convenient completion of everyday tasks. Convert existing items to industry standards.

Item Maintenance
•  Set up and manage new items using the easy step-by-step process
•  Uniquely identify each item with approved common names and descriptions
Apply item attributes to accurately track products

Brand Maintenance
•  Uniquely identify brands
•  Apply all brand characteristics for accurate tracking
•  Apply brand ownership strategies for traceability

Cost Maintenance
•  Maintain item costs with RISA's Master Cost System
•  Set promotional and regular item costs by effective date
Cross-reference items back to suppliers' unique item identification

Retail Pricing Maintenance
•  Maintain retail prices with RISA's Master Retail Pricing System
•  Set promotional and regular retail prices by effective date
•  Communicate retail prices and changes with convenient reporting features

Scale Data Maintenance
•  Manage UPCs, PLUs, tares, tray size, and sell-by dates
•  Generate scale-guide reporting
•  Communicate with your scale software

Scan Data Maintenance
•  Archive meat department POS data by store
•  Access POS data—quickly and easily
Integrate POS data with Planning and Price Modeling

Access & Data Security

Retailer Learning Center

Integration of Industry Standards

•  Data protection and backup

•  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

•  Non-disclosure agreement

•  Service level agreement

•  Access educational presentations for
   understanding meat and poultry

•  View images of meat cuts by class 
   and UPC

RISA integrates regulated and voluntary industry standards set forth by the following organizations:
•  USDA – AMS and FSIS

•  Association for Retail Technology Standards
•  GS1