Transforming the meat industry through technology

VMMEAT­® System

The VMMEAT® System organizes raw sales data and filters it through each layer of current industry standards to produce the business intelligence (i.e., tools and techniques) that helps your organization make informed business decisions.

  • Meaningful, useful and accurate information
  • Up-to-date industry standards
  • Industry knowledge and expertise

Sales Data Reporting

The VMMEAT® system has over 1,000 standard groupings and the structure for consumer level comparisons and trending. We provide accurate, comprehensive and timely sales data for evaluating competitive positioning with unlimited reporting capabilities.

Logical Groupings - Practical Applications - Competitive Positioning

Standards Integration

Standards are a vital part of any business operation or industry; they bring organization, quality and efficiencies as well as reduce profit loss and confusion.

In September of 2001, standards in the meat industry became even more important for food safety and traceability. Meat Solutions, Inc. works with agencies worldwide to provide up-to-date standards for meat cuts, global barcode standards and universal consistency. We have partnered with major players in the meat industry to provide accurate industry standards in addition to education and training through the management of

Uniform Meat Cuts - - Global Bar Code Guidelines - Food Safety and Traceability

Tailored Technology

Meat Solutions, Inc. offers custom-built projects and tailored consulting services to meet your company’s needs. We can customize your format using our technology-based standards, in-depth research and extensive expertise.

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