Transforming the meat industry through technology

Solutions for the Meat Industry

Meat Solutions, Inc. is a technology-based corporation that provides sales and research data, industry-recognized information and tools, and technology solutions for the meat industry. Meat Solutions, Inc.’s products and services are the tools for success.

  • Our Focus – to provide products and services to the meat industry that will enhance business operations and consumer satisfaction, while improving productivity and consistency
  • Our Goal – to streamline business processes and reduce operational costs


  • Identify and develop true gross margin, profit, and markup percentage
  • Develop a competitive pricing plan to compete within the market and against meat alternatives
  • Develop more accurate sales budgets
  • Forecast sales and profit budgets by fiscal period (week, month, quarter, etc.)
  • Produce timely financial and operating reports on sales, gross, net, tonnage, labor, product mix, etc.
  •


•  Collect accurate meat scan data
•  Compile scan data for meat case management
•  Leverage standard product descriptions
•  Use unique UPCs to track similar item sales across
   all districts (store groupings)
•  Integrate accurate meat data based on standards
    into all of your systems
•  Strengthen supplier & retailer co-marketing partnerships
•  Realize savings at every link in your supply chain