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For more than 25 years, clients have looked to Meat Solutions, Inc. as a leader in industry standards knowledge and expertise.

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    Effectively Managing Meat Data

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    Standards Based

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    Meat Centric

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    Client Focused

    Managing variable measure meat requires a system designed for meat products, up-to-date technology, and meat industry expertise. The VMMEAT® System is a dictionary-based, extended information repository, based on approved and tested standards. It is the foundation of our products and services. Learn More

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    Empower Results with Standards-based Data

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    Data Accuracy

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    Data Standards

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    Industry Standards

    Streamline your organization's data and Improve the bottom-line! Retailers and suppliers face the same product tracking and data integrity issues. Meat Solutions, Inc. has the standards expertise, the required system, and years of experience working with standards for retailers and suppliers. Learn More

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    Focusing on U.S. Retail Meat Standards

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    Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards

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    Labeling Guidance

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    Reference Applications

    MeatTrack.com, managed by Meat Solutions, Inc., is the headquarters for U.S. retail standards. MeatTrack.com is Funded in Part by Beef Farmers and Ranchers, America’s Pork Producers and the Lamb Checkoff. Learn More

Precise Technology Solutions that Deliver Bottom-Line Results

Eliminate random-weight data challenges and work side-by-side with the experts in meat data management solutions.

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    The Bottom Line For Cut Merchandising

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    Self-Guided Interface

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    Data Visualization

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    Cloud-Based Storage

    The ultimate technology and inexpensive cut test applictaion. Visualize your true gross margin, profit, and markup percentage for wholesale and retail cuts. Easy to set-up and get started immediately Learn More

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    Simplifying Meat Office Tasks

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    Item Management

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    Brand Management

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    Full-Time Guidance & Support

    All the tools needed to manage and maintain retail meat data in one convenient place. Specifically designed for retail meat department products and functions with expert implementation support. Learn More

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    Your Blueprint to Data Clarity

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    Item & Brand Management

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    Cutting Tests

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    Custom Guidance & Support

    All the tools needed to manage and maintain wholesale meat data in one convenient place. Perform customized carcass and wholesale cutting tests, recipe and product costing. Specifically designed for meat supplier products with expert implementation support. Learn More