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Retailer Standardization Whitepaper

#1 Cause of Profit Loss in Retail Meat Departments

Large and small retail grocers face the same challenge:

Without first standardizing your meat products, you will never know the true loss in profits of your meat department.

We’re not talking about theft, refrigeration losses, failures of IT (Information Technology) systems, scales, or scanner equipment. We’re talking about foundational, meat data standardization practices and processes — which impact your entire organization. Planning, procuring, promoting, receiving, and production tasks are at risk if the meat items used to execute and measure the impact of these tasks have not been accurately identified and assigned standardized information.

Regardless of the retailer’s size, whether one store or multiple divisions, the challenge is the same. From the moment the delivery is received at the store, the brand, attributes, and descriptions for each retail meat item must be accurately identified and assigned standardized information, unique Universal Product Code (UPC) numbers, and regulatory label information. Failing to do this will quickly undermine the business’s ability to accurately account for sales, profits, and losses.

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